Hindi translation by Excel

Language is a medium of expression between the human beings through which one could understand the feelings of others. To communicate in a better way there must be a best medium so that both the parties would benefit with the same. The Government policies on Implementation of Official language too serve the same purpose. The ultimate goal of declaring Hindi as official language of the nation is not only for the better communication and also to make a path to reach Government policies and decisions to the common public.

Most of the offices in India celebrating Hindi Fortnight during September every year in various forms. If we closely watch all inaugural as well as valedictory function there will be the mention about a need for more usage of Hindi in making official communication. Of course everyone will agree during the functions but while in practice there are some difficulties in implementation. This article tries to resolve the difficulty and also gives a tool for effective implementation of Official Language.

The yardstick for measuring effective implementation of Official Language is the “documental outputs in Hindi” in any office. Usually computer based outputs only been generated in every offices. Every organization has their small Hindi unit when compared to the total strength of the departments. The output depends on the efficiency of the small skeleton of Hindi Unit which represents the whole organization. In this situation, the Office Automation in Hindi alone may help in improving the effective implementation of Official Language.

Almost all offices were using the popular Microsoft Office packages for their official works. MS Excel – a component of this package, by and large meant for data processing in the form of spread sheet application is also available. The services of MS Excel could be utilized in Office automation in Hindi related works too.

To illustrate how the Office Automation works in Hindi using MS Excel, Let us generate an Office Order on sanctioning of Festival Advances. The basic databases required are employee data’s such as Name, Designation, Office in which the employee works. These are to be made bilingual ie English and Hindi with the self of Hindi unit (one time job) which would be used for many purpose.

The next step is to create a database for the Festivals of the year 2012 (Which requires to modify during subsequent years). The data like name of the Festival & the date are also to be made in bilingual.

A sheet to be made in such a way that user can only select the name of the employee & the Festival for which advances sought. These can easily be made by giving Name Range and also with the Validation facilities of MS Excel.

The Office Order for sanction of Festival Advance is a common format. The variable data’s are the details of employees like Name, Designation, Office in which the employee work, Name of the festival & date of Festival. These will be gathered automatically from the existing database and output will be displayed in Hindi. The facilities (Functions in MS Excel bhasha) available in MS Excel like VLOOUP and CONCATENATE were used effectively for this Hindi translation requirements. The output of the selected employee will be received with no time.

Similar Office Automations can be made by making small modifications in the database and as per the requirements of the Outputs in Hindi. The Techniques of VLOOKUP functions only to be learned by a person who makes format for the output once and the same format can be utilized by all dealing hands to generate the output in Hindi. Such Office Automation in Official Language not only increases the output in Hindi but also improve the overall efficiency of the Government functions. (the author can be reached by email tnkdcealhw@gmail.com in case of further clarification)

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  1. U can send this to Official Language Cell in our Ministry

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